Master Replicas Darth Vader Helmet

Revenge of the Sith Version

Though delayed a good 18 months, these helmets finally shipped in 2006 and were well received by collectors. I received pics from Bryan in Hawaii, John Casey and Vader Darth from the RPF who all received theirs (as did I). Their pics are below kicking off with one from Vader Darth - thanks guys. I've added a new section showing a comparison between the RotS and ANH Vader helmets using this and a Ghost Host ANH.

MR has cast these helmets from the original moulds used to make Haydens helmet, so these should be 1:1 with the originals. Its interesting when you compare the RotS Vader helmet to the OT Vader helmets there are a number of differences. Overall the size is approximately the same although the face (in relation to the dome) appears much smaller, and is as we know symmetrical.

Side on it has a real mean look about it and the quality of finish on the helmets looks to be excellent. Despite the helmet being available in 3 versions (standard, signed and double-signed) it is actually exactly the same helmet with only the plaque and documentation changing.

Some of the first helmets shipped out had problems with them, including scuff on the dome which unlike the face was not put in a protective bag. However MR has said that all faults will be rectified and all helmets going out will be padded better. Below a shot showing the helmet on the stand (same as the Clone Helmets) with the separate plaque. Note how the RotS neck flows down far more than the OT Vader helmets

It looks like MR has done a great job on this helmet. There had been a rumour that MR will be producing a Return of the Jedi Vader Helmet (originally a "Reveal") although they have now said (Feb 2006) that this is "on hold" since they opted for the "Sith" helmet instead. If they do go for a "Jedi" OT helmet it'll be interesting to see how they approach the asymmetrical beauty of the original Vader.

Above and below, another couple of great shots from Vader Darth which show how glossy this helmet is, and how MR has replicated the detail under the dome, as well as provide a piece which goes behind the back of the neck.

Below,  a studio shot from Matthew of the prototype RotS Vader helmet

As you can see MR have produced what is effectively a kind or "reveal" type helmet as the connection between the face and dome (and the detailing) is the same as used in the movie.

This view from behind shows the excellent internal work which is apparently exactly the same as the Hayden Christiansen original used in Revenge of the Sith. Retailing for $900-$1500 dependant on whether you want the standard or Signature Edition versions these helmets are due to start shipping again later sometime late 2006

Finally, another trio of great photos, this time from Paul M. in Memphis.

Paul was one of the lucky ones to receive his helmet early, although it did have a few teething problems, although most were east to resolve. Paul explains....

Most of the helmets shipped prior to Februaryí06 had the issue of the top of the dome being rubbed by the box since MR shipped the dome outside its fleece bag. On my helmet the dome scuff was hardly noticeable and I was able to polish it out. The worst quality problem that Iíve decided to live with is the neck brace. It mates up to the left side of the helmet just fine but on the right side there is about a half inch gap between it and the faceplate. No big deal though since the neck brace is to me is the most insignificant piece of the helmet.

Bottom line is that this really is an excellent helmet despite the quality problems. The helmet may not be perfect but it sure is a nice piece. For fun Iíve even taken a few shots of it with the Rubieís Vader Supreme chest armor. Nice photo's Paul - thanks

Finally a comparison shot showing the evolution of the Vader Helmet from Revenge of the Sith to A New Hope. There's a section showing a Comparison between the RotS and ANH Vader helmets following this link.


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