Vader Helmet Comparison - Revenge of the Sith to A New Hope

The eighteen year gap in fantasy terms between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope was in reality something like a 27-28 year difference between the time when Brian Muir sculpted the wonderfully asymmetrical Darth Vader in 1976 and xxxxx produced the more symmetrised equivalent for Sith in 2004. I know its only us die hard fans that care about these subtle differences but how come the later helmet looked less advanced?

Anyway, on to the pics. For this comparison I've used MR's excellent Vader helmet from the new movie (left, like you need to be told), and Ghost Host's equally wonderful ANH helmet on the right.

The sculpture process for the RotS Vader was a complete departure from the "reuse what you've already got" mentality which was used used for the Original Trilogy. For Sith, the sculptor cast parts of an original Vader, such as its left cheek - and then built up the finished piece from these building blocks. Below a nice shot showing the chronological "before and after"

So looking at the face the most obvious thing that first stand out (apart from it lacking the OT's alternating grey and black colouring) is the symmetry of the new RotS helmet, such as around the mouth and cheeks
IMO the ANH just looks more meaner for all its lop-sided irregularity. The way the widows peak juts down between the eyes, with the dome just hiding the tops of the brows gives it a much colder look.
From the side face of the RotS helmet shows more similarities with the ANH, although the dome is significantly different, the centre strip significantly wider and the base of the dome more flared

I thought I'd add these shots above and below showing the two helmets full screen. I've literally just cut the pic in two so the lighting and size for both should be the same. t
I do like the extended neck on the Sith variant, although the flatter lenses for some reason just don't seem as mean as the OT variant. Funny that this is completely the opposite affect as the Stormtrooper where the flat lensed Stunt helmet looks IMO meaner than the bubbled Hero.
Close up of the "nose" and "mouth" areas. The check dents under the eyes are a lot more pronounced on the Prequel helmet, however all the curves match up showing (if we didn't already know) that this is not a totally new sculpt.
Next a couple of ABBA shots with the ANH lookong straight-on in the photo above, and the RoTJ straight on in the photo below. Knowing me knowing you, aha
It would have been interesting to see a version of the RotS helmet in the Black and Gun Metal Grey. The ANH Vader was originally designed as an all-black affair, with the grey highlighting added when they realised just badly it looked on-film (the all black looking washed out). For Sith they were able to get away with an all black helmet although did used different shades/finishes.

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