Fan-Made Armor
Trooper Master Helmets and Armor

TM or "Trooper Master" is another type of Helmet and Armor made available over recent years -  though this time from a prop producer here in the UK.

May 2010 - these new photos from regular-contributor Rolf of his new Sandtrooper which he assembled and weathered himself  from the popular TM kit. He's also added some darn fine accessories like leather pauldron and ammo belts. 

Below a great close-up of the weathered helmet. Given he must have made at least a dozen of these its clear that Rolf has great talent in getting the wreathing to look just right.

Below some shots of his older suits - how many does this guy have!

These great shots are from Rolf in the Nordic Garrison (Copenhagen to be precise) of his TM helmet and Armour.

Rolf's also taken some similarly great photos of one of his other sets, an "AP" set which is worth comparing - see the AP photo's here

I like this picture below, it's like a "YOU - Come over here, now! (cliiiiiick)"

...and finally from Rolf a shot showing what the kit looked like when it arrived - all white and sparkly new!

Thanks to Rolf for these great shots.

These photos are courtesy of Jack of his ANH Stunt Helmet and armor - so impress was he that he's ordered another set which he intends to dirty up for a Sandtrooper.

Each of the various types of "screen-accurate" armor featured on this site was actually cast off a single set of original RotJ armor, back in the late 90's. However, as you probably know, the RotJ armor  was itself a "recast" off an original ANH set since there weren't enough sets of armor available for RotJ's filming back in 1981/82. Therefore one of the problems with all "screen-accurate" armor out there is that its actually not "ANH screen-accurate", but more "RotJ Screen accurate".

However, the armor TM's produced is interesting since he's sculpted his own armor based on photo's of original sets, rather than recast an existing set. So on one side you could say that it suffers because its not cast off a screen-used suit, but on the other it benefits from having some of the specific ANH attributes.

I'm not sure what its made of but am presuming Styrene, although Jack says its very glossy, rugged and perfect for trooping, adding "TM has included all the small Stormtrooper armor details that other armor makers have missed. The armor is the correct "Milky" white and not the "blueish" white that most kits come in."

Jack's clearly a fan of this armor for trooping, adding "TM's strapping system is the best I've seen of any armor - he makes the upper legs attach to a belt you wear on your waist. The ab, chest, butt, upper and lower back armor plates are all attached together through the strapping system and are fitted on like a clam shell from your side."

The photo above and the next three below are from Pablo, a.k.a. TKDUEUNO of his TM Armor and Helmet and having spent the time taking them in a studio environment the quality of photography is absolutely superb.

A lot of fans have opted for Trooper Master's armor since its extremely rugged and thus well-suited to the rigours of trooping with organisations like the 501st. Armor takes one hell of a beating so you need something capable of taking the knocks - and TM's certainly fits that bill!

As mentioned previously the TM armor is scratch built, with TM taking a lot of time and effort in ensuring it matched the ANH style armor as opposed to the RotJ, which most screen-accurate armor is actually based on.


TM "Hero" Helmet and Armor

TrooperMaster sent me these photos of his Hero helmet with armor, which are really superb.

As you can see they're recreations of the Lucasfilm Hero Promotional photos that were used for the life-size cardboard standee - and a host of other publicity material over the years
I really like the look of the helmet - the Hero's a a more difficult look to nail so its pleasing TM's done such a great job. Not sure who took these great photos but many thanks to them (and the model of course)!

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