AP Helmet and Armour

My understanding is that the AP helmet is actually a direct derivative from the GF (Follano) helmet - and in fact the GF moulds were sold on, and thus the AP was borne. However there are some significant changes to the face plate (where GF did sanitise quite a bit) which may suggest that a new face plate has been added to the base GF moulds. So in may ways could this be considered the GF Mark 3?

These three pics above and below are courtesy of Terrell of his 2005 AP helmet - with Keith's mic tips

...and below a shot showing the AP with standard FX armour - it seems a good colour match. Note that AP now uses a more white ABS - these particular helmets had a more blue-white finish.

Below a shot from Terrell of the ABS-80 helmet.

Below, some more great shots - this time from Al (Bigturc) of his AP Armor and Helmet. The shot below looks like he's got the original GF-style mic tips (aerators) in.

Looking at that armour it does look very "GF/Follano" to me suggesting these are the same moulds. Having had a set of GF in the past that is good news - especially if its the same quality ABS as I always found it extremely rugged - mine never split despite some serious knocks.

These pics above and below on his mannequin - looks superb.

..and below four shots of Al wearing it himself. Given he's 6'3" its a little stretched on his body since the ideal height of a Stormtrooper is 5'11"-6'. However it certainly suits him well!
Below another shot from Al of the helmet on a MR stand, almost like a "what would have been" had MR decided to do a Stunt instead of a Hero.

...and finally another couple of photos of this really great looking helmet.

Finally three really superb shots from Rolf, aka TD-252 from Copenhagen in Denmark of his AP set.

Guys - check out the weathering. The great thing that Rolf has done has been to make it look believable - I love it. See also Rolf's TM Photos' here.

These photos are amongst the best I've ever seen of a Sandtrooper and just go to show that with a little work you really can make something look truly screen-accurate.

Excellent back pack as well - altogether its a fantastic replica. Well done Rolf!
Finally a really useful photo from TK-2416 from Denmark showing the AP (with Black ESB frown), next to a TE2 in the middle and the cheap MR "CE" lid to the right. Really useful comparison.

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