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Update Nov 2008. Since May 2005, Lucasfilm and Shepperton Design Studios have been involved in legal proceedings centred around the issue of who precisely owns the copyright on the various helmets and armour made by SDS for Star Wars - A New Hope in 1976. The outcome of the legal proceedings in mid 2008 was unclear, with both sides claiming victory. Lucasfilm is expected to appeal SDS's right to continue production so the case is expected to continue throughout 2009 and probably beyond!

In 2004, Andrew Ainsworth, the man who fabricated the original helmets and armour for ANH back in 1976  started production again at a newly formed Shepperton Design Studios, using what they claimed were many of the original moulds used to create the original helmets. Its worth pointing out that SDS's claim over "original" moulds has been disputed by Lucasfilm, most especially with the Stormtrooper Helmet, the back/cap of which differs profoundly from the original helmets.

Starting initially in 2004 with the Stunt Stormtrooper they subsequently added the Imperial TIE Pilot later that year. In 2005 they added the Hero Stormtrooper helmet, full Stormtrooper Armor (most certainly not from original moulds) in summer/autumn 05 and a lower-cost "Battle-Spec" Costuming Stunt Stormtrooper Helmet at the same time. Later in 2007 they added a further number of helmets including DS Gunner, Rebel Fleet Trooper, TIE Armour, Imperial Guard and X-Wing helmets.

Check out the Real/Stormtrooper section for information on the history of the Stormtrooper helmet, including Andrew Ainsworth/Shepperton Design Studios involvement.

SDS Helmets and Armour - Click below for more photos


SDS Stormtrooper Helmets (Stunt, Hero, Battlespec) and Armour
SDS TIE Helmet and Armour
SDS Imperial Commander and Death Star Gunner Helmets.

SDS Rebel Fleet Trooper, Honour Guard and Ground Crew Helmets.

SDS Rebel X-Wing Pilot Helmet