Gino / CR Props Helmets
Though only producing helmets in extremely small quantities, Gino's helmet were always amongst those of the highest quality. Producing two versions up to 2012, in both ANH Stunt and Hero versions. As with many of the replica helmets of its  time, the Gino helmets were cast from the "Brian R Original Helmet" - in Gino's case with reduced cleanup. The relevance of the Brian R helmet is that the vast majority of fan-made Stormtrooper helmets derive from the cast of it done by TE in the early part of the last decade.

V2 - ANH "Background" Stunt Stormtrooper Helmet

According to Gino, "Great care was taken to match the original film used helmets. Things like using the same thickness of plastic, hand painting ALL the detail areas, and matching the same level of craftsmanship as the originals. With that said, you will find a very intentional and very controlled level of sloppiness in regard to it's construction and painting, something that has taken years to perfect."

"The goal with the Gino V.2 helmets was to give the exact appearance of the filming helmets including all of their endearing, yet recognizable shortcomings"

The moulds were taken from 2 authentic ANH screen used Stormtrooper helmets, the "Brian R" and "Dave M" helmets, named after their current owners (see Real/ANH Stormtrooper section for pics  of these helmets) . The Gino V2 replica utilizes the faceplate and back/cap of the Brian R helmet and the ears from the Dave M helmet.  

The Gino V.2 background Stunt helmet is painted white just like the originals and features all hand-painted details and tube stripes. In addition, it has all the correct rubber trims, lens material, mic tips, internal yellow star foam, and chin strap.

Below some great comparisons by Gino of his V2 helmet compared against the Dave M helmet. Though this helmet is cast off the Brian R helmet (see the Real/ANH Trooper Page for more pics of that), the ears did come from Dave M's helmet - slightly confusing!

Note that the helmets above are NOT actually sitting next to each other - its a Photoshop comparison, hence scale, lens, distance, focal length etc. are most probably different - but nevertheless its a good comparison.

V2 - ANH Hero Stormtrooper Helmet

Since at this  point, no original screen used Hero helmet has ever been cast, the maker decided the next best thing was to utilize duplicate moulds of the Stunt helmet featured above, and through a minimum level of adjustments, convert them to more closely resemble their Hero counterpart. 

Mould duplicates were made utilizing a "no-shrink" silicone and resin to ensure that the generational loss between mould sets was minimised. Gino explains "The Stunt to Hero modifications necessitated the following changes were performed; The bumps/texture were delicately removed from the cap/back, the faceplate's outer teeth were filled in to only show 3 on each side of the frown, and the bumps on the ear caps were changed from 4 to 3"

Just like Gino's V2 Stunt helmet, the Hero features all hand-painted details and tube stripes, correct rubber trims, mic tips, internal yellow star foam, and chin strap. Like the originals, Gino's V2 Hero is made from a white plastic and not painted white (since only the Stunts were painted).

It also sports dark green (looks black from the outside) bubble lenses. The ear caps feature the correct "3 bump" styling ear caps.


Gino / CR Props  - Original Stunt Copy (Version 1)

Comparisons this helmet against the New AA/SDS Here

Around 2000-2003 and prior to his newer Version 2 helmets, Gino work with Dave G from CR Props to produce a small quantity of helmets and armour. The Gino/CRProps ANH Stunt was cast from a mould taken from Brian R's original Stunt helmet (see Real/ANH Stormtrooper). The "Stunt" helmets used in ANH had a slightly different look to the "Hero" helmets as worn by Luke and Han (and a couple of other Stormtrooper close-up's on the Death Star), and have flat green lenses and 4 teeth either side of the frown. All the Sandtrooper's featured in ANH were Stunt's.

The V1Gino/CR Props Stunt helmet came from the same original helmet and moulds as the TE "Anon" which you'll see on another page.  

Below is Steve the Swede's old ANH Stunt (now sold).

These four images are of Keith's V1 Gino/CRProps who was one of the first to get this helmet .  Bottom right is the same helmet prior to final painting. 

Here's the V1 Gino/CRProps "Hero" helmet as worn by Luke and Han. The overall face looks wider and the frowns changed to show just the three teeth either side, with the curved "bubble" lenses.

Gino / CRProps  - Armor

These next three pictures were a work-in-progress from C King's old display piece back in 2002. Using one of Chewie15's Han heads (now mine!), along with some Gino/CR Props Armor, he put together a "well lets see what cell that princess of your is in..." Death Star Hero Han.


V1 Gino/CR Props Sandtrooper's

Below shots of a superb Sandtrooper. They're of Greg's and are extremely close to the screen originals and reflect a huge amount of work on the weathering. Note that this armour is made of Styrene as opposed to ABS and imo is probably not suited to rigorous trooping since its not as flexible and robust as ABS.

Below, Greg's sent me some pictures of him on patrol outside K-Mart, and also as he's about to "arrest" a local troublemaker. It's a hard life but someone has to do it!.


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