AA/SDS Stormtrooper Helmet Comparisons

After doing a similar job with the Vader helmets  SithLord put together the following comparison in 2005/6 pics of the AA/SDS helmets and the screen equivalents
Above, first up are three screen-grabs of ABS helmets from ANH which he's then matched with photos of the AA/SDS from the same angle.
Next up a screengrab of an ABS helmet from the movie (top middle and right), surrounded by 4 AA/SDS helmets (which I think are all different numbered SDS helmets). 
And above another screen grab from the movie (above left), specifically the Trooper on the Tantive IV who stuns Leia (with the missing tube stripes), along with three of the AA/SDS Troopers.

AA/SDS Comparisons against other Helmets

Its interesting when you compare the AA/SDS helmets against the other key helmets which have been available over the last few years.

Now the Anon, Gino/CRP and GF helmets all came from the same original HDPE (Khaki green Polythene "fishpond") helmet made for the original ANH production (see Real/ANH Stormtrooper section for the full story). First up the "Anon" Helmet on the left with the AA/SDS on the right

Not only do you notice the slight size difference, but also the shade of the AA/SDS helmet which is a milky colour which matches the original ABS used for the armour and Hero helmets, as opposed to the bright white (almost blue/white) ABS used by most US-based producers. 

Next up below are two shots of the AA/SDS and the Gino/CRProps helmet.

And below last up the AA/SDS on the left with the old GF Helmet on the right. Its not easy to do an exact comparison since the GF has the Hero look but its still interesting nonetheless. This shot is from Musashi and again shows the size and colour differences, but also to some degree shows the vast difference in sharpness with the GF looking somewhat softer in appearance.
Below is a nice comparison of a number of different helmets from left to right the Inaccurate FX, the AA/SDS, Gino/CRProps and the GF

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