C-3PO Helmets- ANH

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Update 20th March 2011
- Below - This is the C-3PO helmet I'm currently selling on EBay. Its a wonderful example of a "Throne Room" style ANH C-3PO helmet and therefore I believe its fair to say its a very rare find.

SO I'm having to let this fabulous helmet go. I've had it since 2003 (check out the chroming page for the trials and tribulations of chroming) but the reality is I'm not going to make a full size Throne Room 3PO now so have decided to let him go.....

As you can see its an extremely impressive looking helmet - although I recon "head" is a better description as you need to have a very small head like Anthony Daniells head if you want to be a C-3PO!

Its all the more impressive since the eyes light up and have the same effect as those in the movie - thanks to a great lighting rig produced by Steve the Swede. Now that guy is smart!

You can see the connecters from this reverse shot - although when its displayed I tuck the cables inside so you cant see them

Above the last of my new photos (March 2011) and this time a close up of the eyes. You can see some scratching around them when really close (less than 12 inches away) - unfortunately its  one of the problems with vacuum metalising where the chrome coating is so very thin so marks quite easily. However pull back to normal viewing distance and you cant notice them

Above and below some shots of my Throne Room style C-3PO head - basically this is meant to be the 3PO you see at the very end of Star Wars - a look thats very hard to produce given the idiosyncrasies of dealing with of vacuum metalising chrome plating.

Below another recent shot, interesting as it shows how different these helmets can look under different lighting conditions.

In the shot below the eyes are not correct and its missing the Antenna and neck bolts but already looks very nice. the helmet cast came from the UK and I had it Vacuum Metalised also here in the U.K.

one more photo - I cant resist its such a cool looking helmet!

Below are images of an absolutely fantastic 3PO previously owned by Vos which was I believe the "father" of the helmet shown above. Cast from an ANH original - just four copies were made.

Below, another couple of photos of the same helmet, in different lighting conditions

Below are a few images of Chaucer's  fan-made resin C-3PO (note that unfortunately it cannot be worn). This helmet was based on a Disney walk-around version which has a fuller appearance and overall less accurate - most noticeable in the face. For more info on the Disney/MGM Star Tours rides then Kris has a nice site here with loads of info. 

A massive amount of work goes into these - and this is reflected in the price. The main cost that sets this apart from other characters is the electroplating, which gives it its fantastic gold appearance.

And finally below a complete torso showing the great detail of Chaucer's fantastic fan-made prop. This is based on the Disney mould.

Below a c3po helmet, cast off the excellent Vos helmet higher in the page.

Above, a recent shot of a finished C-3PO, back from the Vacuum Metalisers. its now been sent to its owner (Steve the Swede) for weathering and detailing (eyes etc.). More pics on the Chroming page below

 There's a new CHROMING PAGE HERE featuring my often painful Vacuum metalising 
trials and tribulations!

Above and below are Work In Progress shots from Steve showing current progress with his C-3PO. He's going for an ESB Cloud City look and I think he's got it!!!

...eyes are also installed and its looking quite brilliant!!

Below, here's an excellent shot of Bill's 3PO head. This is one of the helmets that I plated and Bill's now completed it by finishing the eyes which look superb.

September '06 - Below, here's an absolutely awesome full size 3PO made by John C. I don't know the background to this one as to whether its from the Don Post sculpt or another source. Whatever its source its absolutely superb.

Blow, Jan 08, a couple more shots from Golden Armor of one of his completed 3PO's, which occasionally come up for sale on ebay. The head is a new and much improved sculpt which looks to have derived from the Vos/Zorg head.

and another photo below from GA. Great work not least the plating which looks superb.

... below a shot from Regular contributor Well-Paid-Killer of his great new Display which features his completed R2-D2 and C-3PO which look really great!

Below, here's some pics of my first 3PO attempt  - which Steve the Swede stepped in and turned it into this wonderful Tatooine Desert C-3PO - including the correct eye lights. The antenna and neck bolts are Brass and made by RussRep

The great thing about Steve's weathering is that it looks so natural. The original high chrome finish still shines through in places but is combined with duller areas of gold giving this great overall finish.

Its even got the (fake) oil stain running down the back - wonderful!

Below, some older shots taken outside which tbh dont do it justice.

Some time ago I bought a 3PO chest piece from the Far-East but never got round to painting it - such are the pains of Vacuum Metalising. However the other week-end I dug it out and using a couple of cans of Plasticoat Chrome (both the Gold and Silver), I painted the chest to match the head - then weathered with black and burnt umber oils

I'm really pleased with the results. Close up the weathering is more obvious but maybe a little less so on these photos. By the way a big "Thank You" to Art Andrews for his photo tips on how to take the best still-life photographs.




I just cant get enough of this stuff, so here's some more images of Chaucer's C-3PO, this time reflecting the Droid earlier in his "life" from AOTC. Again based on the same Disney walk-around suit.

Excellent weathering!

So if you feel up to it, you can have either a AOTC or ANH, or pretty much any derivative you want, by popping down to your local dealer (ha ha) and picking up a vac-formed set like this. All that's then left is a few (tens of) hours assembly, and of course not forgetting the all-important metal plating.

C-3PO - McQuarrie Concept

Following on from the Darth Vader Concept page and the Stormtrooper Concept Page, here's some more fabulous work from Koo Koo. Its his C-3PO, based on Ralph McQuarrie's Concept artwork produced in 1974 when the project was first being visualised.

This really is superb. RMQ's original concept had a more human-like appearance. It almost reminds me of the Woody Allen "Robot" butler seen in Sleeper (although without the glasses of course). This base design was also used by Alex Tavoularis in his storyboards. Ultimately of course, the design was based on Maria from Fritz Lang's groundbreaking 1920's fillm, Metropolis.

Now I'm guessing that Koo Koo's produced this in fiberglass and then vacuum metalised, but the finish along with the great weathering makes it almost look like it's hand crafted in Copper. Back in 1976, Liz Moore (who was the Chief Sculptor on the Star Wars project) produced nine different clay sculpts, before the final C-3PO design was agreed by Lucas.



Thanks again to Anson for these photo's of Hannon's excellent scratch-build R2, following the 
design of the Droid in Dublin's Planet Hollywood.

Above and below, four images of regular contributor Well Paid Killer's wonderful R2 which was built by Krider. WPK really does have a fantastic collection R2's now got his friend too (see above)

Above and below, three shots of GA's R2 unit, which goes quite nicely with his C-3PO (this one in the AOTC styling from the older Disney head sculpt). Both are made in small quantities by the producer.

...and below a shot of the Fiberglass kit and a partially completed unit.



Now this one is just fabulous! Like the R2 higher up it was make by Krider and is just awesome. Now if I lived in the U.S. I'd get in my car and drive to this guys place and stuff a wad of cash into his hand and walk away with it, it's awesome. The way I look at it you only "need" one Kidney!


LOVE this one!! - It's by Dr Maul and I think I read somewhere that there's a theory out there that this little chappy is actually the central most pivotal character in the entire Star Wars universe. Dr Maul's still got some work to do weathering but it looks pretty nice now, with that "straight off the production line" look, ahhhh, ain't he sweeeeet!

Isn't this typical - just when I thought I'd found my first Gonk when another one turns up, this one made by Skaught, with a piccy of him carrying out some much-needed maintenance.

...and below a great Gonk from Riley Replica's

...and below a couple of shots of Jay's scratch-built Gonk Droid - Very nice!

Bug / Death Star Droid

Goldenarmor (see C-3PO above) has also done a really excellent looking Bug (Death Star)Droid kit. This guy's stuff is really good. See also his Tie Pilot, ATAT etc.

Update Jan 08 and Goldenarmor's sent me these shots of his superb completed Death Star bug droid

I'm not aware of anyone else who's gone to the effort of recreating this great design, which for the original movie was sculpted by Brian Muir.


Battle Droid

These shots of a completely scratch built battle Droid show just how damn clever some people are! It was made by Mardon Collanta (MLC) and is now owned by Well Paid Killer.

Not only does it look bloody brilliant it is also fully articulated. Now that is impressive!

A couple of final shots showing the weathering on it. Whatever way you look at it that is just superb work! Well done MLC and congratulations for a great prop WPK, I'm green with envy!