McQuarrie Concept Stormtrooper Helmets

This page features helmets based on the concept art work produced by Ralph McQuarrie in 1975. So essentially this is what the Stormtroopers would have looked like if the sculptors had followed the original RMQ designs to the letter. Note that the current Lucasfilm Vs Andrew Ainsworth/SDS Court case in London will hopefully establish just who that sculptor was - but whatever the outcome its clear that the original concept for these helmets was significantly different fro the final production props. We'll be adding a Vader Concept page soon.

Sky Gun Bro Concept Stormtrooper

Now this we like! This is a fantastic fan-made version of the Ralph McQuarrie concept, by SGB. Fabricated from fiberglass its a really interesting look at what these iconic characters could have looked like if RMQ's designs had been more closely adopted.


Below, I don't think there were ever any rear designs by RMQ so Sky Gun Bro must have imagined this part for himself - in line with the rest of the helmet

Below a couple of shots of the helmet, to the left a fully painted and detailed helmet and to the right one straight out of the mould.

Below, close up of the side detailing, with the circular section over the temples where the screen-used helmets had grey trapezoids.

Note how there are no separate "ears" as per the production helmets - suggesting they were added as per Andrew Ainsworth's claims by himself inn order to bridge the gap between the two helmet halves. In fiberglass a one-piece design is simple, however in vac formed plastic its impossible, hence the join, hence the ears.


Koo Koo Concept Stormtrooper

This next one is a Work in Progress from Koo Koo, who has produced a number of other helmets including a rather nice Episode II Clone trooper seen elsewhere on this site.

Though not at an advanced stage as SKB's helmet, you can already see that although Koo Koo's helmet will be very similar, the two sculptors have gone for slightly different versions of RMQ's designs seen at the top and bottom of this page. Like the SKB its also made as a one piece in fiberglass.

The teeth in this helmet are more defined with alternating high and low sections allowing the teeth to protrude more. The eyes are more goggle-like - almost like sunglasses. Interesting how all of RMQ's designs had a single set of goggles/visor like the Prequels' Clone helmets, whereas the screen-used production helmets had separate eye lenses. So who, when and why was that decision made to change?

So nothing for years and then in 2007, two concept helmets come along at the same time!

Comparing the two helmets side by side is interesting. on the left, Sky Gun Bro's helmet follows RMQ's final design used in the painting (Stormtrooper with lightsaber), whereas Koo Koo's on the right look to be a slightly earlier version. Both are absolutely brilliant!
In summary we have to say that both pieces of work are absolutely fantastic. Its great when talented people take on projects like this and realise something that might have been, had those involved in the helmet followed the initial designs more closely.