Rubies Deluxe Darth Vader Helmet

When Don Post ceased helmet production, Rubies stepped in and purchased many of Post's previous moulds. As a "costuming company" they agreed a specific license from Lucasfilm that would cover their new Star Wars range. Much of what they produced were low-cost kids-dress-up sets - although they also tried (unconvincingly) to attack the more serious collectors market. If truth be told they failed!

However there are one or two decent products in Rubie's range, and the Deluxe Vader was one of them. It looks like they've taken the old Don Post Deluxe mould as the source, even down to using the same incorrect (reflected) Black and silver/grey colour scheme. Why on earth they decided to flip the colour scheme though is just beyond me!


Thomas in Germany has sent us these great shots of his Rubies Deluxe Vader

Superb photos Thomas, The Rubies Vader has never looked so good! Manufactured in fiberglass its full 1:1 scale and has a very solid feel to it.

We've never seen the Rubes and Don Post side by side but from these shots they look to be almost exactly the same. When Don Post produced their Vader some of the later edition numbers suffered from mould droop (sounds nasty!), but we're not sure if that had any impact here given newer production techniques.

The Rubies Vader came on this interesting Inca style presentation base - and is not a bad package.

Below a non-too complementary shot of the helmet when it was first shown off at a trade show in 2004

Limited Silver Edition (Fiberglass) Vader Helmet

In addition to the usual (Black/Grey) Fiberglass Limited Edition Deluxe Vader Helmet, Rubies also made a limited edition Silver Version for a cool $2000! Not sure which genius in the Marketing Department thought up this one! Odder still in that it appears that they painted it silver. Now a fully-chromed Vader helmet would have looked completely bonkers but cool. This just looks cheap. Sorry to be negative but this was just a really dumb idea!



Supreme Edition Vader Helmet

Next onto Rubies $130 Supreme Edition Vader. Now given the price its really not too bad. In trying to emulate what Don Post did with the Classic Action Rubies has produced a "full size" Vader helmet out of cheaper vinyl materials. So its practically 1:1 scale (i.e its BIG) and features a 2-tone Gloss and Matt Black paint scheme similar to the RotS Vader.

Its an interesting helmet and to be fair, given the price-point Rubies have been working to they've done a really good job, especially given the metal billets and mouth screens which they could have easily copped out on and done in plastic.

From certain angels it photographs really well, although from others maybe not quite so good. However for costuming it would be an excellent start and many will be buying these and adding their own lenses, 2nd set of mouth screens and a repaint to produce a great low cost costuming helmet.

The packaging suggests that its cast off the Original Revenge of the Sith moulds, but I'm pretty sure its actually off one of the ESB helmets and most likely derives from something Rubies picked up off Don Post when they took over the LFL License.

Its going for about $100 from eBay sellers and at that price for costuming its a no-brainer.

Below a Rubies Studio shot which actually makes it look less impressive than real life. Nice on guys!

The following new photos of their "Supreme Edition" Vader Helmets are all courtesy of Stormtrooper527. His excellent photos show off just how much better this helmet can look.

Made of vac-formed plastic, this two-piece design actually has metal tusks as well as proper grills. It looks like its an ESB rather than a RotS, which is not a bad thing. Again it has the incorrect reversed colour scheme (gloss and matt black in this case) which I can only think is under the direction of Lucasfilm who don't want it to be mistaken for an original. That'd be like confusing Sarah Palin for Megan Fox.

You can see that the dome's quite thin, but then for $130 what do you expect? I think many people are going to use this as a base for a costume since you're not investing $100 in something you know is going to get knocked around, plus its lightweight.

A close-up of the eyes and nose section.  I think its introduction will signal a fall in price of the old Don Post Classic Action Vader which used to be the preferred costuming helmet and would demand huge prices on ebay (for what was originally a $120 helmet). Below an inside shot showing the strap and padding - very comfy.

Below some photos from Joe S who having just received his Rubies helmet, has already done some work to it with a custom paint job.
Joe explains " I received the helmet last week and the mould used was nice, but the helmet was boring since it lacked colour. So I painted it gun metal and gloss black and added an extra grill on the inside.  The difference was like night and day.  It looks like a totally different helmet.  I used the incorrect reverse paint scheme since the lines were already moulded on the helmet." 

Well for what appears to have been only a small amount of effort, the results are EXCELLENT and I think that to take it one stage further and replace the lenses and nose section would really make this a great low-cost Vader helmet.

And above Sascha sent me this composite shot of his Rubies Supreme Vader suit. Not a bad off-the-shelf "low cost" costume! Below is Daniele V's Rubies helmet, along with Altmann's shoulders and a GT chest-box  - with the soft parts made by himself - nice work.

Below, a couple of shots from Federico in San Marino of his superb, heavily modified Rubies Supreme helmet

Not sure what the should armour's derived form but great work either way!

Below, these pics were sent to me from Bounos in Australia of his Rubies Vader helmet which he's adapted as rubies  helmets. However I'm not sure if it was a plastic Supreme or the Fiberglass Deluxe (I presume the latter which would make it similar to the old Don Post standard)

Extremely impressive work!

Here's the Vader Costume, although for a recommended retail price of $1,000 its still going to be sold to quite a niche market. It features the Plastic "Supreme Edition" Helmet and also includes a Vader voice changer! By the time it hits eBay this will be available at a much lower price I'm sure - say $400-$500. The parts all look like injection moulded plastic (rather then Fiberglass) and the cloth looks lightweight but it could still be fun.

Below, here's some photos from Dan from http://www.thedarklordofthesith.com/ of his Supreme Vader costume, although this one is paired with a Don Post Classic Action lid (not the Rubies Supreme)

The supreme costume is not bad but the capes are very lightweight, as is the body suit and hard parts. But on a mannequin it looks more than half decent, although the helmet that Dan's used (a totally remade/painted etc.) Don Post Classic Action has made a huge improvement. See the Don Post section for more shots of the Classic Action helmet.



Rubies Life Size Darth Vader Statue


In the mid 1990's Rubies won the rights to manufacture a short run of licenses full size Darth Vader figures. Whereas Don Post got the rights for most of the figures (see here), Rubies got the Vader. Below the Vader Statue which was actually made for Rubie's by Michael Burnett. Either way it looks good although seems to suffer from the same neck flair as the"20th Century" mould. Note that the colour scheme on the face IS correct, unlike the DP Fiberglass Deluxe.

Below another pi of the Rubie's Limited Edition Vader, apparently both companies bid for all the figures and Don Post won most of them, but Rubies won the Vader
Below, a nice shot from "True Fan" of his Rubies Vader alongside the Pepsi Darth Maul.

Below, Brent has a few nice life-sizes, including this Rubies ESB Statue (which retailed at $10k at one point).................

And then below his Darth Maul, which I think is the Pepsi (see in the UK at KFC and Pizza Hut)