Illusive Concepts Vader Reveal Bust

Below is Illusive Concepts Vader Reveal Bust. When available in the 90's it retailed for about $1,400. Not sure if it was 1:1 as it was some distance away when I took this (see below for Illusive's Yoda)

Below, Juan sent me these shots of his Illusive Vader helmet. It was sold on its own without the rest of the display but shows its a really nice looking helmet.

its actually very reminiscent of the ESB fencing helmet suggesting that may have been a potential source. However all the original ESB/RotJ Vader helmets were from the same source so its difficult to pinpoint exactly where this is derived.

Either way its a very cool looking helmet - nice one Juan.

Below, here's a couple of better photo of the Illusive Concepts Reveal Vader sent to me by a guy wishing to be known as "True Fan".

..and the below by way of size comparison with Don Post Deluxe helmet on the IC Head/Shoulders.

The stunningly fantastic C3PO statue from Don Post. Initially they were about $7,500 until DP realised just how much time and effort went into making them and so they drastically upped the price. These are just brilliant and even if you did fork out the sort of cash they were looking for, you'd still make a heap if you sold it now. I would think you'd be looking at over $10,000 now, plus a hefty freight bill.