Stormtrooper Helmet Comparisons - Stunt and Hero
(Gino/CRProps "Stunt" and GF "Hero" Helmets)

Well if a picture paints a thousand words then the following should give you a pretty good idea on the differences between the "Stunt" and "Hero" helmets used in Star Wars A New Hope (ANH). 

Basically looking at them the Gino/CRProps on the left has the flat green lenses and four teeth, combined with the higher brow seen on the Stunt troopers, whereas the GF on the right has the smoked Brown lenses, three teeth and lower brow of the Hero. Originally the Hero would have been used in close ups where detailing was more necessary (such as when Luke and Han are dressed in trooper gear), whereas the Stunt suits would be used in all other shots. Note that ALL the Sandtroopers were Stunt's

Despite them being two different helmets, the CRProps (left) and GF (right) are in fact "brothers" as they came from the same original helmet (although not the same mold). The older GF was worked on more when the mold was produced and imo has a very strong hero look about it. Both are made from ABS and both are significantly smaller than the "balloon headed" FX helmet which was not molded from an original helmet but instead was a unique sculpt.

Both (like the original) are two-piece designs made up of the back and skull as one piece with a separate face fixed to the back/top section on the side where the ear pieces are later screwed.

Due to its higher brow the Stunt looks physically bigger, although if you check in the GF section you'll see a Stunt GF next to a hero will look similarly bigger. Both helmets' circumference is the same (77cm around the brow - hat size), with the Stunt ever so slightly larger over the top from (base of) ear to ear 68.5 cm against 68cm, understandable given the brow height.

The newer Gino/CRProps is slightly sharper than the GF, and this is most noticeable in the cheek indentations which are more pronounced on the Gino/CRProps. 

...not much to say about the back really!

From above and slightly to the front they appear very similar.

Although from slightly behind the curvature of the GF on the right is more apparent, whereas the Gino/CRProps Stunt has a more oval irregular look.

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