Original Screen-Used X/Y-Wing Rebel Pilot Helmets

This is a screen-shot of one of the X-Wing pilots as he readies for take off from the Rebel Base for the climactic assault on the Death Star

And below this is the very same helmet. Note that in the end the X-Wing helmet didn't make it into the auction, although the Y-Wing lower down did.


Working with Art Andrews and Brandon Alinger the following comparison's been produced showing how we can precisely match this helmet with the screen-shots. Again we're positive that this is the same helmet we see in the film.

Although the weathering on the screen-grabs is greater, there are still a number of tell-tale indicators. Most obviously are the decals which you can see better below.

If you look at the decals you can see that a number of the marks in the 1976 photo match the 2005 photo. If you scan up and down you'll notice on the left decal the two scuffs at 5 o'clock. On the right decal there are matches in a number of paces including one at 7 and 8 o'clock, plus a scuff at the base of the left "U" shape (again on the right decal).

The helmet itself is made of white ABS, which has yellowed a little over the years. Unlike most (all?) of the Stunt Stormtrooper helmets, all the other helmets Andrew Ainsworth made for Star Wars were ABS so the condition of them is still extremely good.

This one was missing the chinstrap and cup but otherwise is complete with black rim. The grey tinted visor can be moved a little but is sprung into place on the inside so there is only a half an inch movement up/down. According to records, AA made 12 Pilot helmets. Its my view that a number of these were put aside and "Heroised" for Luke, Biggs, Wedge, Red Leader, Gold Leader, Porkins, etc and the remaining few were left in this basic state. The Hero helmets were all given unique custom paint jobs and had their visors replaced with yellow tinted versions. They were also completely fitted out internally with black padding, ear cups and a microphone.

For the 3D Rotating photo of this helmet go here

A side on view showing a close-up of the side decal

A rear view shot showing the strip of ABS stuck over the two white hemispheres. Its made in a similar way to the TIE helmet although the stip on the Rebel Pilot helmet is thinner.


Original ANH Y-Wing Rebel Pilot Helmet

So far we've not located this helmet in the movie but i'm sure its just a matter of time. LMK if you think you know where it is. Its down in the Christies Auction as a Y Wing Pilot Helmet, and there are a couple of shots of guys with helmets like this climbing into the larger fighter/bomber.

It was sold on 14th December at Christies South Kensington for final price 6,800 ($12,000) inc taxes and auction fees.

Made of white ABS they're still in great condition with most of the helmet retaining its glossy white look. Given Shepperton Design Studios specifically ordered in a batch of ABS  for all this work we can be fairly certain that this ABS was also used for the Stormtrooper Armour and Hero helmets, as well as the fleet troopers etc.

For the 3D Rotating photo of this helmet go here

This helmet has the chin cup although is missing the black trim around the base of the helmet. As with the other its made of vac formed ABS and is now slightly yellowing with age. However as with the other Y Wing helmet it is in exceptionally good condition.

I'm not sure if the ABS was acrylic capped (AA always said it wasn't) but is IS quite shiny. The centre mohawk stripe has gone slightly yellow in places possibly due to the glue contaminating.

A close up of the chin-cup

A side on view showing the grey tined lens, which was different to the Yellow used on the Hero helmets.

And finally a shot from the rear showing the separate ABS strip glued to the two hemispheres, covering the join. Below some shots tof the two helmets - of the last time togerther.

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