MR Stormtrooper Comparisons


MR vs GF (Follano)

Thanks to Andy R for send in these shots comparing the Master Replicas against one of the "Old boys", the GF (Gerardo Follano) Stormtrooper helmet which was first made about 5-6 years ago - and was my first accurate Stormtrooper Helmet
Okay, so the fan-made vac-formed ABS GF is on the Left, with much heavier, licensed  fiberglass MR on the Right. Front on the GF looks slightly the more accurate as it has the more "fatter" face.
Again from the quarter angle the features of the GF look ever-so-slightly better. Remember both helmets were cast off a Stunt helmet and then reverse engineered to match the Hero look
However i the case of the GF this was an easier task since its manufactured in the same (or at least very similar) materials to the  original - whereas the MR's design process has had to work a way around producing the helmet through a totally different technique - tthat of moulding in fiberglass.
Fron the rear there's not much to tell. Both have the rear bell shape "swoosh" so frustratingly missing from the SDS Stormtrooper helmets. The GF looking even more asymmetrical than the MR.
...and finally a shot from the front quarter where the horizontal gap between the brow and the eyes looks more pronounced and slightly odd. Both great helmets although I have to say I prefer the GF. Though the GF is no longer available there are several ABS fan-made helmets every bit as good as the GF including the AP, TM and TE2. Check them all out here.

Again thanks to Andy for the comparison photos.

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