RT-Mod (Canada)

Like most replica helmets, the RT-Mod has gone through a number of different design iterations in order to make it more screen-accurate. This is the latest version (2007) with pics sent to me by Andy.

As before not a bad helmet although with so many producers now making ANH helmets (licensed and fan-made) its becoming a very crowded market. As before the facial features of the RT-Mod are not the sharpest but its overall look is certainly an positive improvement.

As before the backl and cap are two different parts, which eases the vac forming process but created the horizontal join across the back of  the helmet - however its only a small issue. The ears could do with some better definition  as appear to be missing the centre bumps

The rear has a nice bell-shaped droop to it - all in all a good budget helmet, especially when purchased with the armour set.

Here are some shots of the previous 2004/5 design RT-Mod. As per his previous versions they are still a 3 part structure (face, back and dome), although the face now has a much cleaner ANH look about it. 

The face of this helmet has had a dramatic change and whereas previously it looked very similar to a Don Post "Deluxe", it now more close to the ANH screen look.
As a standard it is fitted with flat lenses (very useful if training), although these could easily be swapped for bubble lenses for a more accurate "hero" look. 

A couple of final shots below.

Below, Fishglen has sent me these pics of his RT-Mod and he's done a really nice job emultig the ANH Hero look by adding curved lenses and has painted and screened the mouth.

There are a number of people who are now seeing this helmet as a cost-effective alternative to the oversize FX when trooping.

Here are some shots of RT Mod helmets taken last year

I'm not sure what kind of plastic/styrene is used on these helmets (and armour) but the look it gives is very hi-gloss. The photo's below are of the PREVIOUS version of the helmet (Pre 2003).
Above and below is another helmet recently seen on ebay. Originating from Canada, the RT-Mod helmet and armour is an interesting design, looking suspiciously similar to the Don Post Deluxe design, suggesting perhaps that this may have been partly used as the source. Note how the cap is a single piece like the FX and not molded as part of the back like the Follano. Also the teeth are not drilled (although could be added as a mod). See the "Armour" section for the full kit.

Above left, the helmet as a kit, and right showing the cutoff between the cap and the rear section. Below a couple of new images of the latest version (7th iteration) of the helmet. Note the designer "cleaned up" the original design making it as symmetrical as possible without losing the originals distinct characteristics. Don Post's Deluxe (and Classic Action) helmet were similarly cleaned up to be a more symmetrical design and purists would argue that the unbalanced or irregular look of the original adds greatly to its character. Nevertheless its a fine looking helmet.

Canadian RT-Mod Armor

looking at these older images, the helmet looks very similar to the Don Post Deluxe, the armour not dissimilar to the FX/GT (note that the helmet's been recently amended - see image further down)

Above, a couple of more shots, this time alongside some of the makers other projects.

Above, the armour has an excellent bright white finish, and is manufactured out of 0.090 ABS like the FX. The maker is now on his 7th helmet variation, with the above his laters version. Notice the flat lenses, typical of a "stunt" design.

The RT-mod armour in kit form. Now where's my glue gun?

The helmet has been amended recently, which now looks like this above.
Glen has sent me these shots of his armor and helmet and the results are very impressive!

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