Recast from Original Copies

The following five photo's below have been sent to me by Jason. His fiberglass helmet has been hand finished reflecting the look of an ANH Stunt, has been molded from an original helmet (whether direct or 2nd/3rd generation I'm unsure), but the build quality is very good indeed. Note the thin ears which give away the RotJ look. It looks a bit like a hybrid of an ANH/RotJ.

Above, the last of Jason's ROJ fiberglass copy.

The helmet above is a rare fiberglass copy of an original helmet, which benefits from a much sharper, more aggressive look about it. Belonging to Steve the Swede it has the ESB colouring.
This quartet of pictures are from Jorid of his rather fine looking RotJ Helmet and Armor which was made by SPB some time ago. It actually is quite similar to an Oakley.

German ROTJ Copy

Tommi, from the German Garrison, sent me the images below of the following trooper Armor he found in a store in Germany, I've also seen these on ebay quite a lot recently. Though the owner claimed it was copied from an ESB design, the colour of the teeth shows its sporting an ANH Stunt look (although the bubbled eye lenses go against this as their typical of a "Hero"). Just had an email from ML (TK8252) who's pretty sure its a ROTJ and I think I agree with him. The helmet should really have a black mouth as the grey ANH look goes against the ROTJ design of helmet.

These photo's are interesting, as I'm not sure what their derived from, probably an original ROTJ according to TK8252. Certainly the Helmet has a nice warped look about it suggesting it may have been cast off an original. The Armor itself is differs greatly from the FX, looking more like an original.
The helmet dome looks high and unusual, but again It may well have come from an original as the suits made for the films differed greatly in quality and finish. The helmet looks like a two-piece design (plus the ears), i.e. like the originals (or Follano copies).

Below are images from the same store of a helmet painted up in the ROTJ look. Its clearly the same design as indicated by the high dome. Overall looks Looks similar to an Oakley (see Fans), although differs as the ear pieces are separate like the FX or GF.

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