Marco Armor

This is where it all began! This is the guy that really started the fan-made Stormtrooper Armor and helmet movement, and is someone we should be very grateful to. Working from photographs he scratch built a complete suit and helmet which although looks a little rough now, forms the basis of much of the FX Armor out there. Thanks to Charles for sharing these pictures with everyone.
and below, Charles has sent in this comparison shot of the Marco, FX and German Movie FX Helmets.

If you go back to the 80's this was really all there was, and Marco Entertainment should be congratulated for starting this armor ball rolling. Redfox has sent me some great scans of some Marco sales literature from 1990/91 and we've grabbed the following photos...

including the neat tutorial on "How to assemble your Marco Stormtrooper costume", with the finished product looking really great.

Lets face it that, that Sandtrooper doesn't look too bad at all. IN addition the Marco guys were really trying to extend their range of (unlicensed) products with an AT-AT Driver, TIE, X-Wing and Boba Fett all "new for 1991". Great stuff - thanks Jack/Redfox!

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