Movie FX -(Ger)

RotJ Helmet and Armor

Now if you've visited this site before you'll know I'm not the greatest fan of the Movie-FX helmet and armor. The reason for this being the problems in the past with the previously-used HIPS plastic (as reported by UK Garrison and Prop Board Members) and the face plate of the ANH version which just didn't look right...

The producer of these has now sent me these images of his RotJ helmet and armor and they do look a little better likeness to the screen-used costumes, however I don't know whether his delivery timescales have improved?

I would like to see a couple of close-up full-on photos of the helmet alone, but from these shots it looks like he has replicated the RotJ look very well. The only unusual thing about the look is that the frown is painted up like the ANH helmets (the RotJ was all black). However, it looks to be a good likeness.

ANH Helmet and Armor

Movie FX Armor is also produced (Helmet and full Armor) based on the  ANH designs, although as previously mentioned the helmet could not be described as a close match (although clearly more accurate than the FX/GT). Note that despite the name "Movie FX" they're not to be confused with "FX  Armor" which is commonplace amongst the 501st. 

I've just received these great shots above and below from Charles (TK-3302) of his new MFX armor... Now Charles tells me that "it's NICE stuff, Really thick, shiny  and comfortable to wear!". It's thicker than FX or GF armor and therefore in this case probably still manufactured from HIPS Plastic. However Charles tells me that "the thickness does add some realism" and that its "a great alternative, while maybe not 100% accurate" . I'd agree with you there Charles and its looking very good. The helmet is certainly an improvement over the previous version but imo still could be improved.
The helmet below is of the previous version of the ANH MFX. The eyes have more recently been improved upon but are still some way off screen-accurate. Many thanks to Cass at TK103's homebase for the photo's.
I've had some info from Giles so have been able to add some info on the Movie-FX Armor (see also a couple of Helmet shots in the Fans/Stormtrooper section). This Armor is currently being manufactured in Germany and is made of HIPS plastic as opposed to the standard ABS used in the majority of suits out there. The manufacturer says HIPS gives the Armor a very glossy look (although its funny I've never heard anyone say ABS isn't glossy enough!). 

In addition, the HIPS plastic used is 3mm and therefore thicker than standard 2mm ABS  used on other Armor which I understand was to counteract a problem with its overall strength. The downside of this is that this Armor may not be as flexible as ABS. Though they've recently amended the helmet, its still not quite movie accurate.

Over the  last couple of years, Movie FX has "updated" his helmet and armour - and has presumably recast a different faceplate in order to get a more screen accurate look.

Thanks to Mario for these pics of his helmet and armour at a recent event. The helmet face plate is a real improvement and judging by some of the tell's it looks to me like a TE/Anon derivative, or possibly an SDS - with the detailing  in some areas quite soft.

The side shot gives away a seriously reduced undercut as indicated by the placement of the trim - which again could either suggest an SDS source or a problem vac-forming amore brittle plastic like HIPS.
Finally the two shots above show the full Movie-FX ensemble to great effect - nice costume Mario!

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