FX or GT Stormtrooper Helmet and Armor

The Armor FX or also known as the GT (from the now-defunct Galaxy Trading) is the most popular Armor available and worn by 95% of trooper around the World. It's not as movie-accurate as a number of other designs, and this is because it was specifically sculpted, rather than copied directly of an original helmet/mold. Nevertheless its an excellent design and GF (Follano) who did the original sculpt did a brilliant job on these. Note don't confuse the Type 1 GF/Follano (i.e. effectively this page) with his 2nd Generation GF here which WAS copied from an original movie prop and is therefore "Screen-accurate".

The FX or GT (Galaxy Trading) helmet is slightly oversize but still a fairly good likeness of the Armor worn in the films (remember its NOT directly molded from one but is an original sculpt). The eye lenses are curved (like ANH Hero helmet's) but can be replaced with flat green lenses which improve visibility and replicate the "Stunt" look. I Dremeled the teeth out on my old one, putting gauze behind which looks great and also helps keep the helmet cool, especially if fans are added. See the Armor section for the entire suit. Despite its inaccuracies its still a very good likeness and is worn by mos 501st Garrison members around the World.

..and below here's a recent (2008) series of comparison photo's from Pete in Michigan comparing the FX helmet against a more accurate (though still far from perfect) Master Replicas CE helmet. Its when you see them side by side that you so just how inaccurate the FX was. Sure it was great at the time when it was all we could get but time moves on.

Click here for the FX Armor with GF Helmet hybrid

FX/GT Armor

The most common is the FX Armor (also know as the GT for the now defunct Galaxy Trading), this is the most popular Stormtrooper Armor out there. Though not actually 100% movie accurate, it is nevertheless the choice of the vast majority of the the 501st members.
For more pics of the GT/FX Amour then go to the "Armor" page. But here's a couple of shots, there are loads more across the site such as in the Events and MGM Pics sections 
FX is made from ABS and looks absolutely excellent. Highly polished it doesn't lose its white gloss and is fairly resistant to scratches. The helmet is slightly oversize but still looks very impressive. 

This is my old suit, on a cheap 2nd hand Mannequin. I tried a couple, in the end settling for a female form as the guys calves and thighs were too wide. Remember mannequins are solid so you cant squeeze the Armor onto them. Also the feet are usually fixed and my thigh pieces are hot-glued together so they had to slip on. Either way it didn't make much difference as the female's about 5ft11" whereas I'm 6ft, and a little padding was all that was needed.

Below Tommi's in the German Garrison, who have a penchant for amassing together in the Munich woods and creeping up on unsuspecting photographers like this. (actually its a work in progress shot from their Garrison film)

FX Sandtrooper Modifications

Above, a couple of photos from Journeymanprotector of his Dirty FX Gear.  He used Flekstone artificial granite spray on my armor (It sprays out thousands of tiny multicolored paint fleks and it is supposed to come together and look like sandy granite). It actually dries with a texture to it and JMP rubbed acrylic washes into the texture. It stuck well and I could be applied with a sponge in varying thickness and shades. The badged trooper on the left is K.Marshall (CA) who's armor is airbrushed. The Imperial Guard is Luis S, also from the Neon City Garrison.

Above and left a couple of pics of Jason463's spray-painted to give that "I got lost in a Tatooine sandstorm" kind of look, by Airbrush uber supremo Phil Quicksaber. This one based on the standard FX Armor, favorite of the 501st.

Above and below a couple of shots comparing the Armor FX on the left, and the GF(Follano) on the right. As you can see the Armor FX, despite not being molded from an original (as is the case with the GF), is still an extremely good likeness.

Don't Move!

Aren't you a little...

A photo of the Japanese Police World Cup 2002 -   English hooligan training course

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