Imperial TIE Pilot Helmet's

GF/Follano TIE Pilot

2004 - Tim Steele's sent me these great shots of his GF/Follano TIE Pilot helmet he's had since 1998. Obviously more well known for his Stormtrooper helmets, the GF is a good looking helmet although from these photo's it doesn't appear to be as sharp as the Goldenarmor.

Above and below the overall detailing of the GF looks to be very good, the helmet being made of Black ABS as opposed to the Fiberglass of the Goldenarmor.

GF also produced the body armor, specifically the front and back armor, as well as the chest box which is pictured here. The piping from the chest box fits into the aerator ports on the front of the helmet.

and below a couple of nice comparison shots showing the GF tie against the GF Hero Stormtrooper helmets. These indicate just how big the TIE helmet is at approx the same size as the screen used helmet at 11W x 15L x13H (inches). Thanks for the pics Tim!

"Laws Archive" TIE Helmet.

These photos loaded March 2006 are of the LA TIE and AT-AT helmets (see At-At section), both of which have been updated and improved this year.

Good to see one painted up like the screen-used helmets with silver highlighting. For the originals this was most probably done on-set when they realised what a sod these are to photograph!

This new version seem to have the correct metal greeblies too.

These pics from Well Paid Killer of his completed TIE life-size which uses a Helmet Chest box and Armor produced by the Laws Archive.

in 2004 WPK sent me these images of the "LA" helmet. Unlike the originals this is painted PVC rather than Black ABS.

and another photo this one slightly from the side.

It also looks to me like he's got a rather nice Han in Carbonite there!

WPK's a regular contributor to this site and his collection is growing more and more impressive by the day. At this rate he'll be opening to the public soon and accepting coach-parties!

Below some excellent shots from Blastermaniac of his "LA" TIE helmet. This is a hard helmet to photograph and by using a but his lighting is superb and it shows in these photo's.

You can really see the detail in this helmet, which like the screen-original is huge

This looks to me to be the one of the best looking TIE helmets.

BM's also done some comparisons against his "LA" trooper helmet, so I've added a section here.

Above and below some shots of my TIE armor from the same source.

I've mounted it on a chrome stand which is really makes a really nice display.

As you can see a great helmet and very close to the ANH originals.

Shepperton Design Studios

Existing in the "limbo" land between fan-made and Licensed is SDS - which isn't really either. The SDS/Andrew Ainsworth TIE Helmets and Armor are on a separate page here ...


2003/4 Below a composite shot by Goldenarmor of his fiberglass TIE pilot. Looking at the pic this only looks like its cast of a smaller Don Post helmet and NOT the screen-size Classic Action or Deluxe.


Below is a really nice custom-built helmet and armour from Wuchi01 from Omega Wing (see links section for a link to their excellent site and forum)

Helmet and armor are made from Vacuum-formed Styrene, and then finished with Rustoleum brand grey primer & gloss black spray. The helmet consists of the two halves, face plate, ear pieces and mohawk top. This excellent prop was made by Impact1 at www.hi-impact.org using 0.125 black styrene.
And finally a side on shot of Wuchi01's custom-built Tie, note that's a Marmit figure behind.



The three images below, sent to me by Anson of Hannon's helmet. Again its 1:1 screen accurate and therefore HUGE, with detailing based on the original helmet which was sold at Christie's recently (see images in the Real Props section). This looks stonkingly good


Richie's Armor

Below, a comparison of a Richie's Armor TIE Pilot Helmet (right, owned by Jonathan TK2216) against a Don Post Classic Action (left, owned by Jools). Note that although the Richie's looks really good, Jonathan said he had to put a lot of work into it to get it to this state. 

Below, same again but a side on view. Both are big helmets and much bigger than the standard DP. Click here for a comparison of the DP C/A against the SP Standard.

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