Boushh Helmets and Costumes

SW Movies Character Appeared in - RotJ
Brief Prop and Costume History
Created for Return of the Jedi,  Princess Leia's undercover Bounty Hunter "Boushh" was designed by Joe Johnston and visualised by costume designer Nilo Rodis-Jamero. Just one prop helmet was made for the film, and worn by Carrie Fisher. The full Boushh costume now resides in the Lucasfilm Archive, so is frequently featured in the various Star Wars exhibitions that tour the world.

Boushh is a great costume - but unfortunately not the easiest to assemble as producers (licensed or otherwise) have rarely committed to producing these. Thus far only Altmann's Australia are the only Licensed producer of Boushh helmets over the past 35 years. A small number of very limited-run fan-made helmets have been made - and we're very pleased to see that "Clothears Costumes" have more recently had great success with their Boushh. We feature their helmet predominantly  in the Fan-Made section below.

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