AT-AT / Walker Driver Helmets, Armor and Costumes


SW Movies Character Appeared in - ESB  
Brief Prop and Costume History
The AT-AT Driver's one and only appearance was in The Empire Strikes Back, although there were glimpses of what would have been its precursor in Revenge of the Sith CG-made several decades later in 2004. So for the production of ESB in 1979, the Costuming team/Art Department simply took two of the black TIE Pilot Helmets used in ANH and then sprayed them grey. Following the addition of a few unique parts, such as the red on clear Cog decals, side hangers and tusks a new character was born. 

Seen as a peripheral Imperial character there have been limited opportunities for AT-AT fans to collect a 1:1 scale replica. From a licensed perspective only Altmanns made "Lucasfilm Approved" helmet - although unfortunately fans have been far less approving of what was a very inaccurate collectible. That has therefore left the way for some of the smaller "fan-made" providers to step in, with Laws' Archive version an extremely nice and accurate kit. 

Anovos has produced a decent replica, although the issue of years-long pre-orders makes it difficult for us to recommend them at the moment.


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