National Space Centre

Alien Encounter Promo Video

Following the run-through at the NSC last week-end I've put together the following 50 second promo which will hopefully give people a brief taste of the event to come. Thanks to Andy, Gareth and Paul for the rehearsal footage and WY logo and 20th Century Fox/Brandywine for use of copyright characters including Alien Creature, Colonial Marine, Music and Sound Effects

NOTE: For all of these you need to RIGHT CLICK on the link and "save as" onto your hard drive.

Best Quality 7mb version
Apple Ipod 2mb version (will also work under quicktime)
PSP Version (you need to extract the files to your PSP)
The "finished product" is DVD quality so I've had to mess with the downgrading hence there are a couple of glitches in it. The "proper" version looks really sharp.

FINALLY - Make sure you play it LOUD!