3D Pics
Here you go. In one place all the links to the "3D Pics" on StarWarsHelmets.com. Just click on the following links. Note that some of these were done a few years back and are a little "wonky"

Original/Screen-Used Helmets

ANH Stormtrooper "Move Along"
ANH Stormtrooper "Stop that Ship"
ANH TIE Fighter Pilot
ANH Rebel X Wing Pilot
ANH Rebel Y Wing Pilot
ESB AT-AT Driver


Replica Helmets

JB ANH Vader
20th Century ESB Vader
MSH Boba Fett
Gino/CRProps Stunt Stormtrooper
GF Stormtrooper Hero Helmet
GF Stormtrooper Armor
Richies Luke Skywalker X-Wing Pilot
Godzilla Tusken Raider